Week 6/7: Video Editing


^ Me when we were given to freedom to write about anything this week, as long as a video is included. And did somebody said video ??? DOUBLE YES! Talking about videos is something right up my alley.

Things that provided me with an creative outlet have always sparked my interest. Creating videos is one of them. To fuel my interest in video creation, I bought myself a compact camera late last year. Compact cameras, although not the best in the market, provides adequate functions to film vlogs – which was exactly what I was going for. So here’s what I bought!


The Sony DSC-WX500. I feel that this camera is value for money plus it fits my skill level (meaning I’m not handling a DSLR when I do not have the skills to do so). With this new toy of mine, I brought it when I went overseas/visit places of interest in Singapore.

It went along with me to trips to Japan, Batam as well as Sentosa and caught a whole lot of footage. As said before, I was interested in producing content. Therefore, I wanted to compile my footages into a single video. In doing so, I choose to use Sony Vegas Pro 13 to edit my videos.


This is an example of how the software looks.

Complicated? That’s what I thought so when I first used it. But in time I became familiar with how the software works and discovered nifty shortcuts – and this was all due to the help of the YouTuber JustAlexHalford. Remember last week when I thought about e-Learning and YouTube? Well, if you are unsure of how to use softwares like Sony Vegas Pro, you can search the “How-to” videos on YouTube, and in no time, you will be an expert in using these softwares.

Some other video editing softwares that are popular include Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. However, all these softwares require users to purchase it. Still, they also offer trials so you can get a taste of using the software without having to spend money.

After all my rambles, I finally get to the part where I can show you my video.

Here’s a video I did for my trip to Batam. And if you’d like, you can check out a video I did when I went for Sentosa for a day trip.

I’m in the learning process of creating videos, and there’s many videos out there that inspire me to up my video editing game. This is one of them. My fellow classmate, Asyraf, also does amazing videos.

One day, I aspire to create beautiful and interesting content for others to see! But I prolly have to get my school work done to squeeze out time to complete videos and to hone my skills. It may be tiring to do up even one video sometimes. Gotta stay committed!

With that I conclude this post.

See ya on the next post friends! (:



Week 5: Learning through YouTube

I recall my younger days when my mom would send me to the nearby Community Center (CC) to pick up new skills. From sushi making to oil painting, the CC had a large variety of classes for people to attend and learn things. But in recent times, lesser people are going to the CC to learn new things.


Other than seeing older people attending dance lessons over the weekends, gone are the days where we relied on CC classes to discover new skills.

Why is that so then?


You’ve guessed it! The vast information available for one on the Internet allows people to take their learning online. Social media sites facilitate sharing of ideas and skills, therefore, people could go onto these sites to learn new things from other people online.

In fact, I often go onto YouTube to learn new skills. On YouTube, there is a vast number of tutorial videos. The genre of these tutorial videos can range from makeup to music, to art and even to cooking.


One of my favorite YouTuber is Jenn Im (@clothesencounters on YouTube). Her videos focuses on beauty and fashion. Just by watching her videos, I have picked up several tips and tricks to dress well and how to do my own makeup. For her latest Valentine’s Day makeup look: Click Here

Other than beauty and fashion, I like water coloring as well. I have never attended a water coloring class and only learnt it while watching YouTube videos. This is one video I’ve watched to pick up basic water coloring skills: Click Here

And the results of learning through YouTube is this!

WhatsApp Image 2016-04-16 at 11.24.33 PM

Not bad right! (Hahaha I’m totally not praising myself.)


I also learned new recipes on YouTube through channels such as SORTEDFood or from Gordon Ramsay’s videos. (Learn how to cook Sausage Spaghetti Carbonara here!)

YouTube is a really good place to learn new things or refine one’s skills. But there is a limit to the extent of learning from YouTube. First of all, it doesn’t have the human interaction as we would if learning from someone else real life. Also, you cannot get immediate feedback from the user if you had any questions. (On YouTube if you had a question, you left a comment but the user may only reply days later.) Therefore, people still believe in traditional learning as it is more efficient.

Nevertheless, it is a faster and  more convenient way of learning. A painting tutorial video usually lasts 10 minutes or at most 15 minutes, and this is short compared to a 1-hour painting class. This appeals to people who are busy with their own commitments (eg. work, family, friends) and do not have much time to spare. With YouTube, they can learn new skills faster than if they had attended classes.

I like learning from YouTube and will continue so! Although the videos online may not be as thorough as compared to attending actual lessons, one big plus factor of YouTube for me is that it is FREE. You get to learn for free! I believe that is a big playing factor that encourages people to turn to e-Learning.

Have you ever experienced e-Learning before? Leave a comment below telling me what you liked about it or what you disliked!

Till then, see y’all on next week’s post! (: