Week 12: Microsoft, Google & Apple (Who will win?)


This is Microsoft’s latest product, the Microsoft Surface Book. It’s main purpose? To compete with Apple’s Macbook Pro, or at least that was what Surface exec, Panos Panay claimed.

Take a look at this post about the Microsoft Surface Book. Apparently, Panos Panay had said that the Surface Book was “twice as fast” as the Macbook Pro. By pointing out their own pros and comparing them against Apple, Microsoft is effectively challenging Apple.

In fact, this is not the first time we have seen the tech giants competing with one another. Apple, Google and Microsoft are known as the three largest tech companies in the scene right now. The competition between them can lead to positive changes in the market, such as an influx of innovation as companies are trying to come up with creative ideas/products to out do one another.

For instance, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are permeating the connected car business that Microsoft has been in for years. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant emulates the voice-activated Google Now and Siri software of its competitors. However, not all innovations are value-added as we have seen with the disappointment following the release of the iPhone 7.

In the past decade, Microsoft monopolized the technological scene. But in recent years, we witness Google and Apple’s steady rise in dominance, becoming big competitors for Microsoft. As for where these tech giants stand now, Apple and Google are outplaying Microsoft. This could be due to Microsoft’s complacency – once they were the only player, they did not innovate, rather, only minor updates were provided. Therefore, when their competitors came up with better products/services, it came as a “big slap” in Microsoft’s face as they started losing many of their customers to their competitors.

Furthermore, Microsoft tends to stick to their old business model, such as providing paid softwares. This results in their softwares looking less appealing when compared to Google’s softwares which are provided for free. Not to mention how similar the Google apps are to the Microsoft Office Programs. This makes Microsoft pale in comparison with its competitors. What Microsoft can do is to rid themselves of their old business model and take some risks to outshine their competitors.

After all this talk, who exactly will win in this competition? Well, we shouldn’t hope for any company to win. If one wins and takes over the technological scene, us consumers may be faced with stagnant products/services. (Microsoft’s case study repeated all over again.) We need constant competition between these tech giants so that our technology is always up to date and fresh.