Week 13: And that’s a wrap!

Wow! We’re finally at the end of the semester. I still remember my first day coming into COM125 expecting nothing. But now that I’m finishing the course, I realised this mod has taught me many valuable skills and knowledge which I can effectively apply in real-life situations. Shout out to Prof. Abel for imparting these useful information, making us smart fishes that ain’t scared of the net. (hehe).

One major takeaway from this course is that there is a huge potential for the Internet to evolve over the years. The Internet will only become smarter, better, faster and we humans have to be able to keep up with it. One issue that we have to address with a more semantic web is that of privacy. As we become more connected and reliant on the Internet, how is it then we can protect ourselves from malicious hackers?

One trick I learnt is to create smart passwords. Or as Edward Snowden says, smart passphrases.

Another tip is to always update my iOS or system because outdated ones are easier to hack into.

Also, because we were tasked to work in groups, I got an in-depth understanding about our topic, the rise of Memes. Memes may just seem like a “just for fun” thing but it actually has great influence. So much so that companies are using it to promote their products/services.


And although it might not have much to do with the Internet, Prof. Abel’s project really opened my eyes to the traffic issue that is rampant in Thailand. Everyday accidents occur and lives are lost just because the traffic system in Thailand is not advanced enough and road culture is messy. More needs to be done to improve their road infrastructure and to educate the people about good road sense. “Always drive/ride as if someone is trying to kill you.” That’s what I remember hearing from a motorcyclist. He meant that people should drive/ride on the road defensively so as to avoid any dangerous situations. Therefore, it is good to see initiations such as RoadSafetyForThailand.

2017-05-04 (1).png

giphyOverall, I’ve learned loads from this course. I hope I can effectively apply what I’ve learnt in the exams to get that A. hehe.

All the best for exams guys! Thanks for reading my blog till now. Signing off mates! ❤




Author: Regina Pang

Fish that ain't scared of the net!

2 thoughts on “Week 13: And that’s a wrap!”

  1. Hi Regina,

    I like how you put this blogpost together. It really does sum up the entire module in your personal perspective. I guess sometimes we take things in life for granted – like not updating our smartphones to the latest firmware. This may make our devices prone to attacks. Thank you for the reminder, and also being an understanding groupmate 🙂


  2. Hi Regina,

    your group definitely made an impression when you guys did your presentation, I really did enjoy it! I guess we can all agree that taking this module made us a lot more wary of our actions on the internet as there is a lot going on behind the scenes that we aren’t aware of!

    Definitely take caution because even though the internet brings about a lot of good things into our lives and makes it a lot more convenient for us to do things, there are downsides to the internet as well! Take care! 🙂


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