Week 8: Hello Handsome ;-)

Remember seeing this billboard before? Well, I’ve seen it almost everywhere and anywhere. This Wechat Sex Scam is one of the more well-known cyber crime that was committed in Singapore. So what is this scam all about?

Basically, scammers who claim to be pretty, young girls will go onto Wechat to hunt down gullible male victims who are seeking for sex. These so-called “pretty girls” advertise their services on Wechat for a cheap price, enticing men to engage them. They even send provocative photos to further lure these men into their trap. And when the day comes for the man to meet the pretty girl, he will be asked to pay first through online credits. These credits often come in the form of Alipay Purchase Cards, or in some cases, iTunes cards. After paying, you will think that they will be able to meet the girl to receive her service, but NO, *poof* she disappears on Wechat (by blocking the victim) and the victim would have just lost their money without even meeting the girl. Many men have paid a few hundred dollars to buy these cards, and in one case, a victim lost $35,000.

You might think, “Wah, why these people so stupid?” But do you know, maybe it’s because online scammers are getting more smart and utilizing better techniques to trick people into believing them. In fact, online scams are becoming so widespread that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) have reported a 46.5% surge in online crimes. Posters (as seen below) have also been created to curb this problem.

In an increasingly Internet-dependent world, it is no wonder cyber crime is on the rise. We have to take more precautions when surfing the Net to prevent ourselves from falling prey to these vices. Even changes were made to the existing Computer Misuse and Cybersecurity Act (CMCA) so as to reinforce our security against cyber crimes.

The amendments to the CMCA help strengthen our response to cybercrime. The threats have so far been under control, but they lurk in many dark corners of cyberspace. We therefore need to put in place a robust legislative framework, with safeguards, but also with the necessary enforcement levers as part of a comprehensive cybercrime and cybersecurity strategy to ensure that our computers, systems and data are better protected.

– Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Lee

With that, I end this post and stay safe on the Internet guys.


Author: Regina Pang

Fish that ain't scared of the net!

One thought on “Week 8: Hello Handsome ;-)”

  1. I think scammers are the scum of the world. I think the public opinion agrees with me. Dishonest scum of the world. I think the punishments for cyber crimes, like scams and hacking should be higher to deter people from even thinking about committing a crime online.


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