Week 3: Tweetdeck

This week, it’s all about social networking and social media managing applications. I’ve chose to talk about Tweetdeck because I utilise it often in UGC 111. During UGC 111, our Prof. encourages us to use Twitter to tweet about our ideas and/or comment on other classmates’ tweet. But in order to do so, I have to open up so many tabs to keep up with the online discussion. An effective way to multi-task on Twitter would be to use Tweetdeck!


This is how my Tweetdeck looks like. You can customize each column to display what information you’d like to see from Twitter.

For instance, for my first column, I displayed my “Home” screen. This means that the tweets of people I followed will appear here. This includes the tweets that I post as well.

For my second column, it displays a search results page. Students are asked to tweet their posts and hashtag it specifically (eg. #hwc111 #c13). So in order to keep in track with the discussion ongoing in class, I will search up the hashtags #hwc111 and #c13 to see what is being tweeted. Also, you will be notified if there is any new tweets, so I can keep up to date with the discussion without refreshing the entire page!

As for the third column, I included a notifications page. It simply shows who have liked my tweet and/or retweeted my tweets. I can also see who have commented on my tweets so I can reply them promptly.

Lastly, one good tool that Tweetdeck provides is the ability to schedule your tweets! And I must say, it is a really useful tool that saved me many times. Why I’d say that, you ask. Well, it is because I usually run late for this class. Yet, we have to do entry tweets, which means that we have to tweet our thoughts about a question posted during that start of the lesson. But being late means I might miss out on this entry tweet. Therefore, in order to submit my entry tweet on time, I’ll schedule my tweet the night before to tweet exactly when class starts. This way, I do not have to worry about missing the entry tweet. Good idea isn’t it? hahaha. But disclaimer: Can I blame my lateness on the public transport? (hehe, good try Regina.)

All in all, I recommend anyone who uses Twitter to try out Tweetdeck. It’s basically the whole of Twitter just on one page! You do not have to open up multiple tabs just to keep check of what’s happening online. What more can you ask for?

giphy  Oh just one downside though, I can’t insert gifs while using Tweetdeck ):


Author: Regina Pang

Fish that ain't scared of the net!

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